Our Story


EZMA is the specialist luxury division owned and promoted by the family of ESSMA Woollen Mills (ESSMA Felts Ltd), an Indian household name in woollen textiles for over five decades. In 2003, with a rich legacy to uphold and the accessibility of the diverse manufacturing facilities of ESSMA on hand, Sameer Mehra undertook a detailed research project with his core R&D team that challenged them to produce the finest spun cashmere and other specialty fibre products. The inspiration was primarily to overcome the misuse and the abuse of the word ‘pashmina’. The challenge to erase ambiguity on the content and the disorganized pricing that existed around the so called ‘pashmina’ shawls of the time. A testing four years on, EZMA evolved - the definitive name in cashmere and other luxury textiles in the world of contemporary fashion. Innovative experimentation that defied theories of textile production, constant testing at internationally accredited laboratories backed by arduous user trials by fashion conscious women of all ages resulted in the perfect blend of what EZMA and its products reflect today - a fusion of tradition, culture, colours and design. Every EZMA product is produced from the world’s finest and most carefully selected materials, using traditional as well as ultra-modern conversion methods to deliver some of the world'sfinest fabrics.

The EZMA collection represents a fusion of modernity with tradition, contemporary with classic design and colours, and textiles to longevity.

The EZMA guarantee for fibre purity and authenticity further enhances confidence in every product brought to you by EZMA.

A Passion to Produce

EZMA produces the finest textiles driven by a ‘Passion for Perfection’ at every stage of the critical manufacturing and evaluating process and stages:

Precision in Procurement

Only the finest best of season’ cashmere lots are carefully selected by EZMA. The task of selecting these is made even more exacting by the fact that most of the fibres EZMA works with are natural.

The finest quality cashmere lots are symmetrically isolated based on an ideal blend of colour, lustre, micron (finesness) and fibre length. From these premium lots, the optimum fibre lot is hand-picked for each product type and style depending on the yarn counts to be spun and the end use of that particular product.

Almost all the cashmere selected by EZMA is combed and de-haired under commission combing at the experienced mills in Biella (Italy) and the UK. Apart from visual evaluations by trained experts, the cashmere lots also undergo several testing parameters at CCMI (Cashmere & Camel Hair Manufacturers Institute) accredited international laboratories prior to acceptance with the EZMA mill.

Meticulous Manufacturing

EZMA's vertically integrated manufacturing system means that once the chosen fibres are received at plant site, they are again subjected to stringent quality control checks throughout the manufacturing stages as each process is carried out in-house. From carding to combing, specialty weaving on traditional Kaani or handloom to power loom, to complex dobby’s, to the ultramodern Dornier/Staubli weaving system, each process is carried out to perfection within the production facilities owned by the EZMA/ESSMA family. EZMA is probably the only textile mill in the world that incorporates six centuries of weaving techniques and systems concurrently and simultaneously.

In the finishing of the cashmere textile lies the key to perfection and quality. The finishing requires not only the desired finesse on advanced processing machines but also the knowledge and skills to understand the complex behaviour of each lot of fibre to water and heat. It is the expert's eye that EZMA counts on for the final process which is also carried out within the EZMA/ESSMA process house based in the soft water terrain of Amritsar (Land of the Holy Water) in North India. The finished textile is then transformed into “woven art” at the EZMA studio and design house located at Gurgaon (in the suburbs of New Delhi).

Ezma Care

Every EZMA products a delicate luxury textile and requires due care during use, handling and storage. Frequent steam iron and professional dry clean ona periodic basis helps retain the natural texture and elegance of this cashmere product. For more information on maintenance please write to: info@ezma.co.in